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Brunet Sherwood Consultants are surprisingly versatile, dealing with a wide range of subject matter.  That allows us to get up to speed quickly and assist our clients with efficiency, but we also serve with heart.   
We are located in Eastern Ontario, about an hour from Ottawa, Montreal or Cornwall.  We provide bilingual services.  

Our Offer of Services

•    Coaching
•    Facilitation
•    Strategic and Business Planning
•    Community, Economic and Organizational Development

Our service offer includes related matters such as research and report writing, training, and motivational speaking.


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David is one of the spokespersons for the Hawkesbury Peace March on October 18, 2014 at 11AM, leaving from the corner of McGill Street and Main Street, proceeding to Place des Pionniers.  
At this time when wars and armed conflicts seem to dominate the headlines, it is important to make a statement about how the world should be, with peaceful relationships among peoples. Whether the Ukraine, the Middle East or Africa, sometimes it is disheartening to see the egoism of political leaders, the blindness to humanity of militarized groups, and worst of all, religion used...

When a good client calls me with a question like that, I really want to help them out of their jam. So we used open ended facilitation techniques to guide the early sessions of their Strategic Plan Review session: Open Space, Appreciative Enquiry and the Medicine Wheel. They sat in a circle with no tables or documents, really talking to each other, at a deep level. This process cannot be rushed, and some participants began to get nervous that we would run out of time.

As the group got closer to crunch time, on the third day, we switched to SWOT analysis and other linear...