Examples of projects in Organizational Development

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services: Programme Review. We were the lead on a consulting team that reviewed programmes funded by the Ministry and delivered by non-profit organizations in Eastern Ontario.  The study was conducted with parallel but related processes in Cornwall/ Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry and in Hawkesbury/ Prescott & Russell.  It included stakeholder consultation as well as an external review of existing structures.  We proposed alternative service delivery models and made recommendations for restructuring.
Ministry of Education and Training: Service Delivery Models.  Our firm performed this contract to consider alternative service delivery models in Labour Adjustment Action Centres.  Action Centres assist people, whose jobs are terminated in a major layoff, in making the transition back to the workforce. This was a research and writing effort with on-site visits to key informants.
Create a new Non-Profit Organization "from scratch".  On four occasions, we have been hired to launch a new organization that would deliver services with government funding: recruit a board of directors, write policies and by-laws, hire the executive director, rent an office, begin service delivery.  We coached all of the participants, transitioning to operational functionality within one year. These launches were successful, the organizations still exist and provide public services.  Lucie was the lead for the Centre Novas and David was the lead for Prescott Russell Tourism, Prescott Russell Arts Council and Prescott Russell Victim Services.  In addition, we did essentially the same process as volunteers as part of creating the Ste-Anne-de-Prescott Economic Development Committee.
Co-operative to market Non Timber Forest Products for the Northeast Superior Forest Community (Chapleau, NorthernOntario). This was a multi-stakeholder project of local municipalities and First Nations.  We were members of the consulting team, with Sol-Air Consultants, to assist the client in selection of the optimal type of co-op incorporation for their needs, then draft the policies and by-laws accordingly.
French Language Literacy Services: Market Study.  This study reviewed census data and the strength of community-based institutions to determine whether it was feasible to provide literacy services to a French language population.