Facilitation for Better Meetings

Are you tired of your important meetings starting and finishing late?  Do you find that you are so busy running the meeting that you can't fully participate in critical discussions that affect you?  Are you frustrated when, after all your hard work in preparing for your meeting, the meeting ends in an impasse, with no idea of the direction in which to go?

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you make sure that:
   •    Your meeting starts and ends on time.
   •    Your group stays on topic.
   •    With us directing the flow, everyone contributes in a constructive manner.  You get to participate fully.
   •    Creativity and new ideas emerge.
   •    Differences of opinion are respected and stay within bounds.

At the end of the session, we help you “bring it home” with a clear plan for the next steps.  You can take it from there, or we can write the meeting report and help bridge into implementation.

Great meetings start with clear agendas.  We can work with you to design an event plan that is stimulating and keeps group energy running high, whether it’s a small group or a large public event.  We aim to create a safe environment in which creativity can flourish.

Open Space, Genuine Contact, Conflict Resolution and other advanced facilitation techniques
Want to dig deeper?  We offer advanced processes that allow participants to bring more of their human potential to the table.  We have trained in Open Space, Genuine Contact, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Non-Violent Communication and NLP.  It is often said that the wisdom is within the group, and we help it to emerge.
We have lots of experience with standard public meetings, stakeholder consultations and focus groups.  But we can do more.  Especially in municipal planning and economic development, we have a lot of experience in engaging participants, going far beyond static information sessions with innovative methods that invite them to be positive and make a contribution to the solution.
We have taken training courses in mediation and conflict resolution, which are a natural fit with the Coaching and Facilitiation skill set.  This has enabled us to be the catalyst to a positive resolution of a number of conflictual situations in the workplace.  These misunderstandings often arise between people using different communication styles or of different personality types.  We operate from both the head and the heart, which helps open a space where common ground can be found while respecting all parties.
Large Scale Public Consultations
David has become a Senior Associate with the consulting firm PACE Public Affairs & Community Engagement. They are the leading specialist in the Ottawa – Gatineau region for the design and delivery of meaningful public consultations. We joint venture with them on large scale projects we couldn’t handle alone.
This in turn has led to a number of cooperative ventures with PLANIA, a large consulting firm based in Quebec.  Sometimes they hire us and sometimes we hire them in a sub-consulting arrangement. 

Train the Trainer
Our expertise is recognized by our peers: we have written manuals on how to facilitate meetings and we have trained other facilitators.

Clients with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working include:
   •    Non-profit organizations and community groups;
   •    Municipalities and School Boards;
   •    Business teams;
   •    Government agencies and ministries.
Let’s discuss your next meeting or event!