More about Us

Our coaching and consulting clients get the benefit of our breadth of experience. 
In addition to being consultants for more than 30 years, both of the founders of the firm have been:
     •  a business owner (David a dairy farm, Lucie a bed & breakfast)
     •  an executive director (David for Canadian planners, Lucie for Franco-Ontarian authors)
     •  the president of the board of directors of a non-profit organization (David a small foundation, Lucie a sexual assault centre)
     •  federal civil servants (David the NCC, Lucie at Treasury Board)
     •  David Sherwood began his career as a land use planner, worked and lived in Algeria, and speaks basic Italian
     •  Lucie Brunet worked in Nunavut and Alberta early in her career
This multi-skilled background makes us a good fit to provide coaching and consulting services to a wide range of sectors:
     • Non-profit organizations
     • Social enterprises and cooperatives
     • Municipalities
     • Small businesses and farms
     • Government agencies and ministries
The firm was founded by David Sherwood and Lucie Brunet after we became a couple in 1991.  We each had a small bilingual firm, with similar skill sets but operating in different networks, so it seemed natural to join forces under the name Brunet Sherwood Consultants.  Shortly after that, we built an ecological house in the rural community of 500 inhabitants where Lucie was born.  This was followed by an active and ongoing phase of volunteerism in the local community.  Not to mention being grandparents, practicing yoga and meditation, and a passion for gardening as a break from all that.  As described on her personal page, unfortunately Lucie became ill and passed away, but in an inspiring manner that is worth reading about.  This experience allowed David to practice compassion, living in the present moment, and acceptance.  He continues to provide the services described in this web site, which has been revised to list only projects in which he was directly involved. 
According to the needs of the project, our firm can work with other consultants, as team leader or sub-consultant with equal ease.  
There is a saying that “you’re only as good as your last contract,” so we put our best effort into everything we do.  We will gladly provide you with a reference from a recent client.  
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