Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching

Most people who see a coach are successful in many ways.  It’s just that there is some aspect of their life which is not working out for them, where they feel blocked or they are not getting the results they aspire to.  Or perhaps they are in a transition, lack clarity, or have a feeling there should be something more.  Their search could be about personal issues, work, family or healthy lifestyle choices.  
Increasingly, people seek us out for issues related to their spiritual development.  We are comfortable offering support in this area, because we ourselves have explored a number of spiritual practices over the years (eg- yoga, meditation, reiki, attending church, going on pilgrimages to sacred sites, shamanic drumming and journeying, Gurdjieff).  We have offered workshops about relating to nature.  We could help you explore the use of simple yet meaningful ceremonies to mark life transitions, let go of old patterns or set new goals.  
We offer coaching to:
    •  Individuals
    •  Couples
    •  Senior Managers or Executive Directors
    •  Business Owners

In our role as coach, we support you in making sense of your challenges, so you can put things in perspective, listen to your inner voice and move in a more fulfilling direction.

To assess whether or not coaching can help you, ask yourself, “Am I …

    •  ... facing a significant life transition and needing guidance?
    •  … wondering if I should take a new approach to my work, make a career change, or reinvent myself?
    •  … wanting to simplify my life, but always feel too busy to do that?
    •  … wanting to develop healthier habits?
    •  … having trouble removing clutter from my home or workplace?
    •  … seeking a better balance between my emotions, body and spirit?

We can help you with these and other issues.  Clarifying the situation is the first step towards identifying the solution, so our coaching provides a safe setting  that allows you to express yourself freely, dig a little deeper or reach a little higher.  We help you gain insight with our deep listening skills, drawing on a variety of life experiences.  We provide practical tools and exercises for self-reflection.  We are confident that you will see results as you find your path.  We support you as you gain confidence and become grounded in your own wisdom.  

The bottom line is:
          If you are willing to make the effort, with a coach in your corner, you will get results!   Contact us for a free half hour exploration, in confidence and with no obligation.

What will your coaching experience be like?

Coaching sessions are carried out in a private, comfortable setting.  We can meet in person or via Skype.  

Our home office is located in a peaceful rural setting which is approximately an hour from Ottawa, Montreal or Cornwall.  You are welcome here, or we can meet you at your home or a neutral location near you.  We also coach by Skype.

1.  You describe your issue, in your own way, while we listen carefully.  We help you shift from a focus on problems and what happened in the past, towards a better future.

2.  We suggest some discussion tools and exercises that suit you.  Personal issues are rarely solved by logic alone, so the framework we use allows your emotions and intuition to contribute.  We ask more questions and listen carefully again, repeating this cycle until your “aha” moment arrives and meaning emerges.

3.  We won’t actually tell you what to do.  Once you understand the situation better, you will be able to start describing how the change can be set in motion.  Part of our job is to help you clarify your goals.  We also help you organize a plan, with realistic steps you can do, so you build on success.

4.  Then we agree on how to touch-base or check-in.  This follow-up is to help you sustain your progress long enough that you start to experience the change.  The exact procedure will vary, but is usually some combination of meeting in person (or via Skype), e-mails and telephone calls.

What A Coach Is Not
• A coach is not a consultant.  Consultants analyze your situation and tell you what to do based on their expertise.  A coach helps you to understand yourself and to develop your own wisdom.
• A coach is not a friend.  Friends generally accept you as you are, a coach is there to help you change.  Advice from friends is free, Coaches are paid for their time.
• A coach is not a therapist.  Therapists help you to heal or cope with a specific behavioural or psychological problem.

More about our Coaching Approach

Having problems or living through periods of uncertainty is actually quite normal.  It’s part of the human condition and we’ve all been there and done that, so rest assured that we won’t pass judgement on you or your issues.  We encourage you to be kind to yourself and to move towards a more balanced, grounded life.  

In other words, once you are ready to make an agreement with yourself to change, our job is to help you stick with your programme or get back on track.  And hey, it’s okay to share a laugh about life’s little ironies along the way.

We have benefitted from coaching and we would consider it a privilege to be your personal coach at this time.  At some point, you won’t need our assistance any more, and that’s great.

CONTACT US     We offer you a complimentary 30 minute telephone session to decide on how to proceed.  During our conversation, we will answer your questions and cover the following:

* The issue(s) on which you might wish to be coached.  
* A bit of background to provide context.
* Your most immediate needs.
* How you think coaching might help you.
* How our process works and how the fees are structured.

Personal chemistry is a factor in coaching, so this conversation provides us with an opportunity to get to know each other.  There is no obligation and no charge for it.