Tourism Sector Restructuring

As reported in local newspapers, David was the consultant on a project to restructure the organizations and agencies that have mandates in tourism in Prescott-Russell County.  Under his guidance, a new non-profit corporation called Tourisme Prescott Russell Tourism was founded.  It is jointly managed by a mixed Board comprised of two Mayors appointed by the County and seven private sector representatives elected by the membership.  Forging such a new partnership in the public eye required a lot of diplomacy, so David was often in coaching and conflict resolution mode.  A forthright media relations strategy was part of the recipe.  At other points in the project, David conducted research, wrote analytical reports and proposed by-laws and policies to the new organization.  

This story has a happy ending, the consultant's report did not end up on the proverbial shelf.  Much of the credit for that outcome goes to the members of the study committee for the project: from the private sector, Claude Leclair of Casselview Golf Club and Peter Blais of Bourget Inn and Spa.  From the United Counties, René Berthiaume, Mayor of Hawkesbury and Sylvain Charlebois, Director of Economic Development and Tourism.  Two other important members were John Candie from the Prescott-Russell Community Development Organization and Kathy Chaumont from RDÉE.